Buffalo Wild Wings raises money and support for Newtown community

Buffalo Wild Wings raises money and support for Newtown

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - In honor and support of last week's tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants across the country hosted a fundraiser and banner signing Saturday.

Just eight days after what's considered to be the second deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, an Idaho Falls restaurant that sees a lot of foot traffic is doing something to show support.

"We're big on any type of community involvement and national involvement as well," said Aaron Briscoe, general manager. "Anything that needs attention paid to, we're always here willing to help out."

All day Saturday, Buffalo Wild Wings will donate 10 percent from the day's sales to the United Way of Western Connecticut's Sandy Hook Support Fund. It was originally set up to help grief counseling and other needs.

"We actually have a banner too that guests can sign when they come in," said Briscoe. "They can put messages or anything like that. You don't even have to dine in to do that, you can just stop by and write a message to give to the families."

Frequent diner Fernando Salinas says although Idaho is thousands of miles away from Newtown, it still feels good to show support through signing the banner and monetary donations.

"I'm here all of the time anyways and my pregnant wife has to eat some wings so here we are," said Salinas. "We'll eat as many wings as we can and have a good time and hopefully a lot more people show up."

Idaho Falls isn't the only location to host this fundraiser. Buffalo Wild Wings in Pocatello, Twin Falls and Boise are participating as well.

If you would like to join in, you can still stop by the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Snake River Landing. They're open until 1 a.m.

To learn more about the Sandy Hook support fund, visit

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