REXBURG, Idaho -

A BYU-Idaho student is calling for the school to allow concealed handguns on campus and his message is getting a lot of support.

Two weeks ago, Nick Davenport created a Facebook page called BYU-I Campus Concealed Carry. It already has more than 200 likes.

Davenport said while he currently carries his gun off-campus, whenever he goes to school he has to leave it at home.

“I feel like I sort of have to put my gun down and go back into victim mode to come onto campus,” said Davenport. “It feels like if I were to walk down the street without pants on kind of. I feel like something's missing.”

BYU-Idaho policy prohibits firearms on campus except for law enforcement or authorized members of the school's ROTC program.

“There's obviously always that chance of someone who doesn't own a weapon getting their hands on a weapon,” said Sean Bryan, a BYU-Idaho student.

Davenport said he's more worried about what might happen if students aren't allowed to pack heat on campus.

"There is some security on campus, but even most of the security officers here don't carry any kind of weapon or anything, so if there were to be a problem, who's gonna stop a shooting?” Davenport said.

BYU-Idaho declined our request for an interview.