Caliece Orr: Distinguished Student

Caliece Orr: Distinguished Student

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Bonneville High School senior, Caliece Orr, is a girl with a diversity of interests and talents. Piano is just one of them. As she prepares this week for finals, she can hardly believe she's halfway through her senior year and will graduate in a few short months.

"It's kind of scary," Caliece says. "You're moving on to new things, and you're not completely sure what you're supposed to do -- you're becoming an adult. It's a little scary but it's really, really fun."

With a 31 on her ACT, Caliece shouldn't have any trouble getting into the college of her choice -- either BYU or Utah State. For the most part school has been pretty easy for her, with the exception of a couple classes, which shows she's only human.

"This semester it's physics," Caliece says. "It's really, really hard for me. You just have to buckle down and grin and bear it, and you go talk to the teacher when you need to, and you work as hard as you can."

Caliece has loved her extracurricular activities like soccer and choir. She has particularly enjoyed tutoring kindergarten kids as part of a class.

"I just help the students with whatever project they're doing and it's so much fun - they're so sweet, and they love learning," Caliece says.

Caliece likes to be helpful wherever she can. Her little Kindergarten sister wants to be a rock star, so a couple months ago Caliece started teaching herself to play the guitar so she can teach her sister.

Getting involved in new activities in high school has been rewarding for Caliece, and she recommends it to other students.

"Play a sport if you want to, learn a language, do whatever it is you want to do so that later you can look back and not feel sorry about what you didn't do," Caliece says.

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