Candidate for secretary of state promises fairness

Candidate for secretary of state promises fairness

BOISE, Idaho - A candidate running for Idaho's secretary of state says she's running in a partisan race for a job that is nonpartisan.

Holli Woodings, a Democrat, stopped by Local News 8 on Monday. She said if she's elected, she'll run the office as Republicans Ben Ysursa and Pete Cenarrusa before her – fairly.

"They were good at being nonpartisan, applying the law evenly to everyone regardless of party affiliation or issue," said Woodings. "Everyone following the rules. That's how it should be run. That's how the secretary of state office should run."

Woodings has been a state legislator from Boise for the past two years, serving on the State Affairs Committee. She said that has given her great insight to job of secretary of state.

"We oversee all the functions of the Secretary of State Office, whether that's legislation about elections or campaign finance disclosure," she said. "All the rules the Secretary of State Office puts forward, we review. So I've become very educated and comfortable in that space."

Woodings said she may be young at age 35, but she reminds voters that former Sen. Frank Church was only 32 when first elected to Congress.

Woodings and her husband run a software company in Boise. She said as secretary of state, she will push for things like online voter registration and apps that will help voters.

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