Car crashed into camel enclosure at zoo

Two men arrested

camel crash

Idaho Falls- - Two people were arrested last night when their pickup truck crashed into the camel enclosure at Tautphus Park Zoo in Idaho Falls. The incident happened just before 10 p.m. last night.

The truck crashed into the fence at the Softball Drive Entrance. Police said the incident was not snow related.

Two camels were inside for a feeding at the time of the crash but were not hurt. Zoo superintendent Beth Rich said "All of the animals are fine we didn't have any issues with any of the animal collection. and that's ultimately the most import thing. Fences are fixable and the animals are always our primary concern."

Police caught up with the truck half mile away at an RV park. The three people, one man and two boys inside the truck fled the scene on foot. Police caught two of them, the third got away.

Police say the men face charges of obstruction and leaving the scene of property damage.

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