Cars Hit Eagles In SE Idaho, Bald Eagle Shot

POCATELLO, Idaho - This winter is becoming deadly for eagles across southeast Idaho; many of the majestic birds have been hit by cars and one bald eagle has been shot.

Idaho Fish and Game has found eight killed eagles since the start of December, including four just in the past week.

IFG says eagles will often stop to feed on roadkill, sometimes in the middle of the highway.

Golden eagles are big birds, and with a full belly they can't get airborne, and out of the way of coming cars, very quick.

But not all these deaths have been accidental, on Dec. 28 IFG discovered a bald eagle that had been shot near Twin Lakes Reservoir.

IFG officias said during this season there are a lot of eagles around, and people need to keep an eye out.

"We ask motorists for their safety, as well as the safety of wildlife, to take it down a notch and really be aware of your surroundings and maybe slow down a little bit when you're on the highways and roadways in southeast Idaho,? IFG regional conservation educator Jennifer Jackson said.

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