Celeste Esplin: Distingished Student

Celeste Esplin: Distinguished Student

FIRTH, Idaho - Celeste Esplin is chapter president of FCCLA - Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. It's an organization she absolutely loves.

"We do service projects and things to better the community and you can compete and create projects on something that you are passionate about," Celeste says.

Celeste showed off one of her projects - a giant book about goals.

"I had a partner this year and we made this book because our project was on goal setting, and so we talked about how we can have our happily ever after," Celeste says.

Celeste's projects were so highly regarded by FCCLA judges that she won gold medals not only for state but for nationals.

"It was so rewarding to go up onto the stage at nationals in these different places throughout the country and receive that gold medal and realize that all my hard work was worth it and made a difference," Celeste says.

Celeste is really excited about her current project.

"This year I'm doing a project on helping women find their own beauty, and I think this will make a big difference because I found a statistic that says only four percent of women believe they are beautiful" Celeste says.

Celeste plans to do presentations to help girls and women recognize their beauty.

Celeste plans to go to college and become a teacher so she can teach FCCLA classes in high school just like her teacher Janice Anthony.

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