Chelsa Dredge: Distinguished Student

Chelsa Dredge: Distinguished Student

AMMON, Idaho - Some high school students are good at art. Others have mastered musical talents. United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award winner Chelsa Dredge is accomplished in both.

Chelsa is an awarding winning saxophone player. She loves music.

"I love music, because like art, it's a way to communicate, but even more so in music," Chelsa says. "It's another language. You can express yourself through it in a way word's can't always do."

But Chelsa is not one dimensional when it comes to the arts. She also loves drawing and painting.

"It makes me feel happy and excited and it gives you a really good feeling of self-accomplishment when you're done," Chelsa says.

Chelsa plans to have a double minor in art and music, but she plans to major in psychiatry so she can help people. Even now she finds herself being a natural helper to other students --drawing on her own experience to give them advice.

"Never give up, no matter how hard things might seem or difficult or complicated life is just keep on pressing forward, because there are a lot of good things waiting for you," Chelsa says.

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