Chubbuck Mayor race gets interesting

One mayoral candidate submits paperwork after announcement

Chubbuck Mayor England will not run for office again

CHUBBUCK, Idaho - Chubbuck's Mayor Steve England announced today he will not run for re-election in this upcoming mayoral race.

England said he was told when the time to step down comes, he would know. He said after serving eight years as Chubbuck's mayor, and 22 years on the city council – he knew.

England says he's had his decision made for a few months now, but first started talking about the end of his term in his first term.

"When I was first elected eight years ago , my wife and I talked about the future and the potential of how long I might serve," England said. "I think we kind of had it in our mind that we would, if the citizens would allow us, we'd serve more than one term."

He says he's learned a lot in his 30 years of public service, but he's not quite done with serving his community.

"I intend to still stay involved in community activity," he said. "I'm on some boards that I won't automatically go off of because I'm no longer mayor."

When England became mayor eight years ago, he was the first full time mayor in the history of Chubbuck. But it looks like he may not be the last Mayor England, because the only person to submit their candidacy for mayor so far is his brother.

"It's been over the last two years particularly that I've served as the city council president that I've seen the workings of the city," said Steve England's younger brother, Kevin. "I've gotten to know a lot about how things work. I feel like I've got a good handle on what's happening right now."

Both England's say they never aspired to be mayor – it just happened. But they both say they are committed to keeping Chubbuck thriving and cared for.

Mayor England said he appreciates the Chubbuck community for its support through his terms.

"I appreciate the opportunity and the trust given to me to serve these eight years," he said. "I hope I leave the office better than I found it. It's been a great ride and I really appreciate it."

Both candidate and Mayor England say they have been careful to not step on each others' political toes. The only reason Kevin is running for mayor is because Steve decided to not run.

With Kevin England's bid for mayor, that would leave an open seat on Chubbuck's City Council.

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