Clerk clarifies voting process

BINGHAM COUNTY, Idaho - Marlene Jensen, Bingham County election director, wanted to clear up a possible misunderstanding about voting this year.

According to Idaho code, you do have to show picture identification when you vote.

"But if you don't have one, we are not going to disenfranchise anyone," said Jensen. "We're not going to turn voters away if they don't have a picture ID. There's an alternate form they can sign. But a picture ID is required, according to code, so that would be their first choice. That's what election clerks would prefer."

Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day.

"Get registered to vote. It's really easy," said Jensen. "You can do it on line, through the mail or at the court house or city hall.

"If you have voted within the last four years, you are still a registered voter. If you haven't voted in the last two presidential elections, your name would be taken off voter registration list. You don't have to vote in primary to vote in the general election. You did not have to attend a caucus to vote. If you've moved or changed your name, you need to re-register. You can call any court house election clerk to find out if you're registered."

To find out if you are registered, see

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