Wednesday's Child

Cody - Wednesday's Child

TACOMA, Washington - Cody, who can be very engaging and playful, loves to joke around and have fun. Positive interventions work very well for Cody at home and in school. When he has that kind of support and has a well structured, consistent daily routine, with clear rules, expectations, and limits, as well as his parents and teachers who are patient and calm, he makes progress emotionally and behaviorally. In the last few months in his new therapeutic foster home, he has made steady progress and his behavior and grades have improved. His foster dad says that Cody is doing very well in his home!

In his self-contained classroom this past quarter, Cody's teacher was pleased to report that he was motivated to do better despite not being at grade level academically. Math is his strongest area by far, and his reading and writing are at about the fourth grade level. Cody enjoyed earning points in the classroom each week and then on Friday's he was rewarded with special time he could use in his teacher's Zen sand garden or for games and/or computer use. Cody's sister is also in the same school, and he has been keeping in contact with her without getting too overly emotionally involved, which is help for both kids.

By the end of the school year, the teacher was very pleased to report that Cody has "improved greatly!" His foster dad was in regular communication with Cody's school and teacher, reinforcing things for Cody at home and providing a lot of structure and consistency, which is just what Cody needed. Foster dad spends time with Cody daily, talking and mentoring him, which appears to be working well and is very beneficial for Cody. Cody has also been responsible for following through on doing his required community service hours on Saturdays, which shows that he is meeting his obligation for a past misbehavior. Cody's treatment team has commented on his progress and that Cody seems happier and "lighter."

His social worker wants to talk with two-parent families who are experienced with the kinds of special needs that Cody has, and who can provide the structure and overall support outlined above that meet his needs so well. That's the kind of family where Cody will have the best opportunities to thrive and to reach his full potential.

For adoption information call the Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.

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