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Balancing call center with multiple benefits

Convergy's in Pocatello hiring

POCATELLO, Idaho - Convergy's in Pocatello is looking to hire new employees, but there doesn't seem to be a rush of applicants. The recruiting team even hosted an open house from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday with low turnout. Why the lack of interest?

After all, the pay starts at $9.50 with plenty of opportunities to make more. Add in health coverage, a 401(k) and promotion opportunities and it sounds like the perfect job, right?

"For a lot of high school students and a lot of college students, working at those places provides them with what we call soft job skills," said Department of Labor economist Dan Cravens. "For example, the ability to work well with others, show up on time, know how to work with a manager and know how to dress properly for work."

Elaine Howell has been with Convergy's for four months and before that, the Department of Labor. She says this is a need for their company, and hopes people will look past the stigma attached to Convergy's.

"We really need to get qualified applicants in to apply," said Howell.  "We want to give them a tour, let them know what benefits we have to offer."

Cravens says it may have something to do with entitlement. Once you have a degree, so you deserve a better job, right? But in a tough economy, he says a job you're overqualified for is still a job.

"An employer also wants to know that person can work hard," Cravens said. "If somebody can work hard at a job, that's at least half the equation as far as getting a good job and getting hired."

Howell said she wants to get rid of the reputation Convergy's has when it comes to employment there, and she said she's experienced people who come in to apply who are surprised at what they find.

"What's really cool is when we do interview them, go through the whole application process, and see everything change within them," Howell said.

The hiring process for Convergy's is very quick. Howell said applicants who came in Thursday could start as early as the 23rd. So if you're qualified, you can be making $9.50 an hour at a full-time job with benefits next week.

While Howell and Cravens agree a call center may not be right for everyone, they both think a job is a job, and Howell says Convergy's has a lot to offer employees.

If you are interested in applying at Convergy's, you can go to or call 208-239-7444. 

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