Crossover use illegal in Idaho

Use of emergency crossovers illegal

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The illegal use of an emergency crossover on an Idaho interstate sent a man from Pocatello to the hospital. So this raises the question: is it ever OK to use emergency crossovers?

Idaho State Police Lieutenant Chris Weadick said the Idaho Department of Transportation creates crossovers for law enforcement, fire personnel, EMT's and tow truck drivers who need to get to car accidents. He said regular motorists are not allowed to use them even if you have car issues. The best thing to do is to pull over onto the right shoulder.

"We have run into many scenarios where vehicles are parked in those crossovers and we are not able to do our job and be able to cross into that median and get going the other way," Weadick said.

In Idaho, it is a misdemeanor to use a crossover.

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