Dexton Lake wins Distinguished Student Award

Dexton Lake: Distinguished Student

BINGHAM COUNTY, Idaho - The United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award winner for this week is a leader, an actor and a good student. Those qualities were just some of the factors that led to the selection of Snake River senior, Dexton Lake.

It wasn't too far of stretch for Dexton to play one of the ranch hand brothers in the recent school production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. That's because he is a ranch hand for the family business. Being in a play was a great experience for Dexton.

"Something like this helps people to express themselves and come out of their comfort zone," Dexton said.

Dexton says people can get their entertainment from movies or TV, but it's not the same as seeing a live performance.

"Nothing is like coming to a musical and hearing the music and the talent the people have," Dexton said.

Dexton excels academically too. He takes AP and dual enrollment classes and still gets mostly A's.

"I find I have a lot less stress when I'm performing well in school, and besides that it opens up doors for you," Dexton said.

Dexton is a natural leader. He is currently Snake River student body president and was president of the freshman, sophomore and junior classes too. Perhaps that leadership experience will help him in the next big step in his life.

"I just got my mission call to Tampa, Florida and I'm super excited about that," Dexton said. "I'm glad I got to go someplace warm."

But for now Dexton is staying involved in school activities -- something he highly recommends for a fulfilling high school experience.

"You can't have a fun high school experience by sitting at home, Dexton said. "You got to get out and do something -- whether your forte is student council , whether it's sports, whether it's FFA, what ever it is go out and do it."

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