Distinguished Student: Amy Johnson

Distinguished Student" Amy Johnson

RIRIE, Idaho - It's time to start recognizing our United Dairymen of Idaho distinguished students for the new school year. We start with a talented and bright Ririe High School senior - Amy Johnson.

Amy is getting a head start on college by taking some tough classes.

"I'm taking calculus and chemistry and hopefully I can get good grades in those," Amy says. "I want to go into a medical field."

When she's not studying for calculus and chemistry, Amy finds herself on the volleyball or basketball court. She says her coaches have taught her some valuable lessons about life as well as sports.

"Something coach Smith told us is good things happen to good people, so I think that's the best lesson I've learned so far - just be a good person and the rest will follow," Amy says.

Amy has also learned some valuable lessons about how to keep up academically and get a 3.9 GPA even when taking difficult college level classes.

"Just don't procrastinate and give it all you got," Amy says.

But Amy also feels the high school experience is about more than academics.

"Get involved - it makes the grades and the hard part of high school more fun and you get to know a lot of nice and cool people," Amy says.

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