Distinguished Student: Cody Crofoot

Distinguished Student: Cody Crofoot

BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho - High school seniors have a special duty to set a good example for the freshmen just coming in. That's the philosophy of United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award winner, Cody Crofoot from Bonneville High School.

Cody has many talents. He's a natural leader. He's the state vice-president for Idaho Student Councils as well as a member of Bonneville's student council.

"I like being able to just take part in something and have my say and have things turn out right," Cody says.

Cody excels in the classroom too. He has a perfect 4.0 GPA, even with taking honors and AP classes.

"It shows you're willing to work hard and colleges look at that and it will help you in your future careers, and it also helps you with scholarships, and just help better prepare you for the future," Cody says.

And when he's not studying, or working with student government or practicing piano you can find Cody on the soccer field. He recently scored four goals in one game. He thinks being involved in lots of activities is a good thing.

"You get to meet lots of different people and have experiences you wouldn't have had," Cody says.

Cody is also a talented musician. He has played piano since second grade and composes his own music.

"I love the feeling of being involved and express yourself through music," Cody says. "And I love the creative aspect. I love being able to compose music and create something new."

Cody feels students can achieve a lot in their high school years if they keep one thing in mind.

"I would say make goals and don't just wander through," Cody says. "Look at something something in your future and make plans to get to the goal and makes steps to reach it, rather than just lay back and enjoy the ride."

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