Distinguished Student: Sydney Mecham

Distinguished Student: Sydney Mecham

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Sydney Mecham's passion is 4H. Sydney is the president and secretary of her 4-H chapter. She's been involved for years and loves it.

"I just love the experience of getting an animal when they're two months old, and then you raise them until they're six months old, and then you train them and you learn everything about them and the species," Sydney says.

Sydney enjoys spoiling her animals. Her teachers and friends say she's an very kind person. It's an important quality to Sydney.

"I've always believed in the golden rule - treat people the way you want to be treated," Sydney says. "And I feel if treating people with kindness is the way you want to be treated, you might as well treat them that way."

Sydney is already working on her next 4-H project – her horse they rescued.

"I'm going to train her so she can be ridden and she'll be a show horse for 4H," Sydney says.

Sydney excels not only at 4-H, but in school as well. She has a 4.1 GPA, taking honors and AP classes. Sydney admits it looks good on a college application, but that's not the only reason she takes challenging classes.

"I like challenging myself and say that I completed a class that some people find to be very difficult," Sydney says.

No surprise, Sydney wants to major in agriculture in college.

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