How dogs will react to the August eclipse

How dogs will react to the eclipse

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - We are just over a month away from the August 21st total solar eclipse. 

There are a lot of different questions surrounding this eclipse. One of the ones Karole Honas wanted to ask: What will dogs do as the sky goes dark?

Gail White has been training dogs and their owners for years now.

Honas figured if anyone knew how a dog would react to the eclipse, she would.

"Well, I think that with anything that is unusual, timid or shy dogs are going to react," White said. "Dogs that don't pay attention anyway aren't going to notice much."

That seemed to be the general feeling of a lot of dog people.

What does LaDawn Moad think the dogs will do?

"I don't think they'll care," she said.

"I have no idea," said Lloyd Moran Stevensville.

"I have no idea. Party?" said Francis Keays.

"Howl at the moon," Randy Gaines said.

"Calm mellow animals can panic in the right situation, so personally I wouldn't take a chance," said White.

It probably won't be the eclipse that'll bother these animals at all, but the half million people that could be in eastern ldaho that could be a little dangerous.

"Make sure your dog is id'd, micro chipped even better is an id on their collars. If they have name, address, phone on the collar much more likely to get these dogs back to their owners faster," said Jason Moulton.

Be sure you have a good kennel, nice cover, keep them safe in happy.

"There's going to be a bigger chance these dogs get lost, but as far as the eclipse itself, I don't expect to see any changes whatsoever," said Moulton.

We did talk to the education curator at the Idaho Falls Zoo. She's not expecting any stampedes or anything, but she did share one interesting story.

"One of our volunteers was herding cattle in the last eclipse," Sunny Katseanes said. "He said they had a difficult time. They started bedding down going thru their nighttime routines. Chickens will go in the coop. What will a lion do? They sleep 22 hours a day so they'll probably sleep thru it."

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