Solar eclipse time-lapse: Butte owner reacts

Solar eclipse time-lapse: Butte owner...

SOUTH MENAN BUTTE, Idaho (KIDK/KIFI) - Atop the South Menan Butte in Idaho for the solar eclipse, and what a fantastic place to view it. Once KIDK Eyewitness News crew arrived, we finally found the crowds. The staff of Crater Adventures tells KIDK Eyewitness News anchor Todd Kunz there were 17 countries and 34 states represented on the reservation list as of Friday. So it's very possible that more states and countries were there.

Mother Nature did not disappoint. Kunz talked with the owner of the South Butte, Randy South. He and his neighbor, Brent Gunderson, formed Crater Adventures to sell camping and RV spots and even parking spots in the crater of the Butte itself. Kunz asked South if he'd do it all again.

"Oh Yeah. Absolutely! We didn't really do it for the money. We did it for the fun and for the experience for our family. And it was fun to see all the people. Everybody was so respectful and friendly. We had people here from 17 different foreign countries and a lot of the states of course. It was fun to walk up and down all the trails and listen to all the languages," said South.

"I did some of that myself. Italy, Australia, London was here. So it was worth it? What a show. It's hard to describe it," said Kunz.

"Oh yeah, and the eclipse was just awesome! The temperature change and the color change. It was really cool," said South.

The staff of Crater Adventures told Kunz there were more than 34 states represented with those 17 countries.

Once it was over, the masses started to move out and walk and drive down the butte.

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