Both sides react to D91 bond failure

Reaction to D91 bond failure

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - There is a lot of reaction to last night's election results. One decision people are reacting to is the failure of the District 91 bond.

The $110 million dollar bond was going to renovate Skyline High School and build a new Idaho Falls High School.

The cost of the bond did cause some negative feedback. One thing that both sides can agree on: they're thankful for their supporters.

"We really appreciate all of the parents and patrons that turned out and supported the bond. We got 58% but it wasn't what we needed, we needed that supermajority. So we're a little disappointed but we're committed to working to update and modernize our school buildings," says Margaret Wimborne, communication specialist for District 91.

"We're thankful for everybody that came out. We're grateful for all of the constituents that did their homework. We appreciate the dialogue we were able to have and we're really really happy for this opportunity now to review what the school is needing," says Lisa Keller, spokesperson for the group D91 Taxpayers.

The district plans on getting more feedback from the community.

"Over the next few weeks and months we'll do outreach to parents and patrons to gather input and the board will work to determine the best path forward," says Wimborne.

The opposing side says they understand changes need to be made but would like to see a reworked plan.

"We realize that the schools do need help. We realize something needs to be done. We're just calling on the school board and the district to come up with things that are more fiscally responsible than that," says Keller.

The district says their goal is to meet the needs of these students.

"The goal is to come up with a proposal that addresses the needs in the school and works for the community and they'll just continue that work in the coming weeks and months."

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