Your donated school supplies land at North Gem

Your donated school supplies land at...

BANCROFT, Idaho (KIDK/KXPI) - Remember all those donated school supplies you brought to the Eastern Idaho State Fair? Today was our big delivery day.

Steve Cannon and Todd Kunz took your donations to a rural school district that could really use them and the items will go far to help. The items were taken to North Gem School District in Bancroft, where the district houses preschool-through-grade-12, all in one building.

The kids were so excited. They did all the unloading. And the principal/superintendent and staff were thrilled.

"It makes me really excited because I know that we're really skimping and saving on supplies and things. And so we only have a few that we can get and bring to our classroom. And so now, we'll have a lot more to get and bring to our classrooms. I'm very excited for it. I really appreciate everyone out there who has helped," said Diane Christensen, who teaches sixth-eight grades.

"As administration, your reaction when you see this?" asked KIDK Eyewitness News 3 anchor Todd Kunz to superintendent/principal, David Sotutu.

"Well uh, really grateful for all the generosity that the people of southeastern Idaho showed," said Sotutu.

"It's hard for teachers, I know. Teachers, I know, dip into their own pockets just to make a school year work. How far will this go?" asked Kunz.

"We'll make good use of it. We have to go through it and see. There are a lot of boxes there we need to open and see what we've got, but we'll make it stretch and it'll be great," said Sotutu.

The office staff counted and itemized everything. You donated a total of 1,672 items. 

So they want to say thank you to the people of Eastern Idaho and western Wyoming -- and we do too.

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