Elisha Mabey

Distinguished Student

Elisha Mabey - Distinguished Student

RIRIE, Idaho - It's always impressive when you see young people who have gained an appreciation for volunteer work. Volunteerism is one of the strengths of this week's United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award winner, Ririe High School senior, Elisha Mabey.

It's not unusual to see Elsiha tutoring ninth grade students.

"I like to help people - help them learn and understand," Elisha said. "It's really cool when you're teaching them and you see the light in their eyes and they finally get it, or when something clicks."

Elisha has been a volunteer tutor for two years now. She's also involved in a number of other activities in school.

"I've done track and field, I've done scholastic bowl, I've done cross country - I've stuck with that all four years," Elisha said.

In addition to all that Elisha has been involved in band and swim team. She feels it's important to be well rounded.

"Get involved with everything you can, because the more involved you are the more fun things are," Elisha said. "Even if you're not involved in the activity but you're just supporting it - attending the games, it makes it a lot more fun."

Elisha is known in school as an optimistic, cheerful person, who's fun to be around.

"Everything seems so much easier when you have a positive attitude," Elisah said. "I found a quote I like that says if you can't find the bright side of life, polish the dull side."

Elisha plans to go on to college and major in nutrition. It goes along with her natural desire to help people. So what nutrition advice does she have?

"Eat lots of fruit and veggies - they're my favorite," Elisha says.

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