Emren Fogle: Distinguished Student

Emren Fogle: Distinguished Student

SUGAR CITY, Idaho - The weekly United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award winners are often chosen on the basis of their grades, talents and extracurricular activities. Sugar – Salem High School senior Emren Fogle has all those qualities, but also an amazing smile.

"I just hate frowning, so I smile and I get a lot more friends by smiling and trying to get to know everyone - that's my goal this year is to try to get to know a lot more people than I have in my high school career, and I just smile and get to know everyone," Emren says.

Emren enjoys getting together with a good friends in show choir for fun - just standing around the piano, singing.

"I can express myself through song," Emren says. "My brothers did it when they were in high school so I did it and it's just the best thing ever - I love swing choir."

As one of the yearbook editors, Emren takes special note of the cross country section. She's on the team. She took 6th place in the state in the long jump and looks forward to doing better this season.
She also pushes herself to get good grades.

"My parents have inspired me to do well at school, so I just study hard and do all that I can to get my grades up and keep them up," Emren says.

From cross country to yearbook to swing choir, Emren is involved in a lot of activities and encourages other high school students to do the same.

"Do everything you can to get to know anyone," Emren says. You'll be amazed how many people there are that you wouldn't have come in contact with if you hadn't tried something new."

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