Exchange students cast in high school musical

Foreign exchange students join high school musical

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - High school musicals are a common part of  American schools,  but for foreign exchange students it's an entirely new experience.

The cast of the District 91 musical includes two students from foreign countries.
The two foreign exchange students in the District 91 musical,
Singin in the Rain, probably never thought part of their experience in this country would be tap dancing in a high school musical.

Iris Birbosa comes from Brazil, and Costa Carandia is from the Republic of Georgia. They are loving being in the musical.

"Well, I think it's one of the highlights of my exchange year, Carandia said. It's awesome. People here and everything is awesome. That really made my exchange year really good."

"This part when we are almost ready, I think is the best part because everyone's helping each other,” Birbosa said. “We are doing our hair and makeup altogether."

Director Cindy Benson says she's pleased the other students invited Iris and Kosta to be in the show because they've added a lot.

"Iris, for example, is a ballerina in her country so she has really added a lot to the dance, Benson said. And Kosta is so articulate and I think hasn't done something like this before but he has picked it up like that and he sparkles and shines when he's on the stage."

High school in America is very different than in their home countries, but still a positive experience.

"But it's very interesting, the new experience. I'm having fun classes, making new friends and it's so great," Birbosa said.

"It's extremely different, but different in a positive way, like friendly environment, friendly teachers and really really good classmates," Carandia said.

And adding to the whole experience -- performing on stage in a real American high school musical.

The performance is at 7:00 p.m. March
9, 10, 12 and 13 at Compass Academy in Idaho Falls. Tickets are $5 for students and $7 for adults. Tickets are available from cast members and at the door.

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