Family uses food business as a way to bond

Family uses food business as way to bond

IDAHO FALLS - Many in the area have been preparing for the large crowds coming into the region.

Some have prepared by stocking up on gas, food, and resources.

Some local food vendors have set up shop along the greenbelt waiting for the large crowds.

One family, set up a stand, but they aren’t doing it for the money.

“We’ve done this together as a family for a long time, tried different things, what we feel right now we feel is really good," says Trevor Larson, the owner of Sandcreek Sandwiches.

His wife Katrina says, “Everybody’s here, it’s kind of fun to have them all come back, my daughter came from Texas with her husband to do this with us. So it’s just been a fun experience to do this together.”

They say this is bringing their family closer together.

“You know I think anything you do as a family brings you closer together, especially if there is stressed involved cause you gotta rely on each other," says Trevor.

But he also does it to give people something enjoyable to eat.

“That’s what I get sick of sometimes, is you go some places expecting good food, you pay a lot for it, and it’s not very good food, you throw half of it away. That’s what I want to do serve quality food,” said Trevor.

Even though this is their first public event, they’ve been serving people from all over the world.

“Meeting the people, it’s been fun to see people from other countries and cities come, it’s been fun to interact with them,” said Katrina

“England, had some from England, a guy from Africa.”, says Trevor.

Team work is a big part of this families success.

Trevor says, “If you’re going to feed big numbers, you got to have a very good crew, and that’s another thing you can always count on family. That’s what family is all about isn’t it?” 

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