Federal adjustment could cut some electricity bills

BOISE, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Some customers of Rocky Mountain Power could see a bit lower bill if the Idaho Public Utilities Commission approves a federal billing credit.

If approved, the move could reduce annual power bills by about $6.60.  The new rate would take effect October 1.

The credit comes from the Bonneville Power Administration Residential Exchange Program.  It is designed to share the benefits of the federal Columbia River power system with the residential and farm customers of investor-owned utilities in the region, like Rocky Mountain Power.

The following is a summary of the percentage impacts by customer class:
•  Residential Schedule 1 – 0.6% decrease
•  Residential Schedule 36 – 0.7% decrease 
•  General Service Schedule 6A – 0.8% decrease
•  Irrigation Service Schedule 10 – 0.3% decrease
•  General Service Schedule 23A – 0.7% decrease
•  Public Street Lighting 7A – 0.2% decrease

The Idaho PUC is currently accepting public comments on the rate adjustment.   You can see the proposal here.

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