Feds Mum On Why They Raided Idaho Falls Businesses

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - IRS agents raided a building on Anderson Street at about 9:30 a.m. Thursday, but they would not say why.

The building houses a tax service, Carrillo's Tax Service, which caters to the Hispanic community, and a laundromat.

Workers at a car dealership next door said they saw agents with weapons rush into the building Thursday morning and walk out with boxes.

Sage Hill, a dealership employee, said he didn't expected to see 10 armed federal agents executing a raid a few feet from him.

"So I went to fuel up one of our cars, and when I got back, there were all these SUVS and federal agents standing around the front of the building," said Hill.

Agents continued to keep the area secure for the next four hours, while possible suspects were interviewed inside. Hill says he's surprised something like this happened in an otherwise quiet part of town.

IRS officials said an investigation like this could take months to complete, but they aren't saying much else.

The station spoke with the U.S. Attorney General's Office in Idaho to get the search warrant the IRS filed before the raid, but it was sealed.

The owner of Carrillo's Tax Service said this was just a simple audit.

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