Fire ban partially lifted at Fort Hall

FORT HALL, Idaho - Burn bans at Fort Hall will be partially lifted Friday. Although fire danger remains extreme, the Fort Hall Fire and EMS Department said the combination of weather changes and a reduction in fire calls led to the decision.

Several restrictions remain in effect.  The modified policy will apply to Fort Hall home sites only and will be limited to yard waste only.The material must be burned on the property where it was generated and must be limited to an enclosed container with a screened opening to arrest sparks. 

With the exception of potato vines in cultivated fields, the burning of fields and areas close to wildland areas will remain under a burn ban.

Open fires used to dispose of domestic household garbage are NOT allowed. The only thing allowed to be burned in burn barrels is yard waste providing the following conditions are met:

1. The material is burned on the property where the waste was generated.
2. The material is burned in an enclosed container with a screened opening to arrest sparks.

Materials that CANNOT be burned:
• Dead animals or parts thereof.
• Junked motor vehicles or any materials resulting from a salvage operation.
• Tires or other rubber materials or products.
• Plastics, plastic products, and Styrofoam.
• Asphalt or composition roofing or any other asphaltic material or product;
• Tar, tar paper, petroleum products or paints.
• Lumber or timber treated with preservatives.
• Insulated wire.
• Hazardous wastes.
• Pathogenic wastes.
• Construction waste or demolition waste.
• Pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or other chemicals.
• Insulated wire, batteries and light bulbs.
• Materials containing mercury (such as thermometers)
• Asbestos or asbestos-containing materials.
• Any material that normally emits dense smoke or noxious fumes when burned.
• Paper, paper products, or cardboard not used to start a fire, not produced at a single family residence or a building with four or less housing units.

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