Fort Hall man arrested for felony eluding

POCATELLO, Idaho - A Fort Hall man has been arrested for felony eluding in connection with a multi-vehicle crash early Thursday. 29-year-old Matthew S. Buckskin responded to police and was charged with Felony Eluding a police officer.

Police said an officer responded to a hit-and-run accident at 200 N. Union Pacific Ave. around 11:45 pm Wednesday. The officer found Buckskin intoxicated inside a bar.

The officer cited Buckskin for hit and run and reckless driving and warned him not to drive again until he was sober.

When the patrol officer noticed Buckskin standing near his vehicle at about 2:25 am Thursday, the officer circled the block to contact the man. But, Buckskin had entered his car, made a wide turn and just missed four parked vehicles before leading police on a pursuit along North Main, police said.

At the intersection of Highway 30 and Philbin, Buckskin ran over a stop sign before continuing north on Philbin, police said.

The pursuit was joined by the Chubbuck Police Department, Bannock County Sheriff's office and Fort Hall police. The chase ended at Wallin Road after officers said they attempted a slack pursuit and Buckskin continued to accelerate.

In a slack pursuit, police will back off their chase when speeds reach dangerous levels.

Arrest warrants charging Buckskin with driving under the influence and eluding police were being sought early Thursday.

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