Future, faster internet services to the Upper Valley

Upper Valley will see upgrade of internet services

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho -    Blackfoot Telecommunications of Missoula, Montana is set to acquire FairPoint Idaho Communications, pending FCC approval.

     Bill Squires the CEO said he's excited about the deal -- he knows this is a huge step for Upper Valley homeowners and businesses.

    Donna Benfield knows all too well how important high-speed internet connections are to the growing population of Rexburg.

"We have had to turn down some companies that wanted to come into Rexburg, because we couldn't provide them with the broadband we needed," said Benfield.

No one who works for the city wants to turn down new industries trying to make a home in Rexburg.

"We have community members that need jobs, we have students that need jobs," said Benfield.

But that should not be an issue come early 2013. Blackfoot Telecommunications is ready to bring faster internet speeds.

"That's what we've been looking for in the community is expanded broadband," said Squires.

Blackfoot Telecommunications CEO Squires said: "For people that live and work in rural communities such as St. Anthony, Teton, Ashton, Island Park, for them to compete in the world economy they need a same high-quality broadband that's available in the metropolitan areas."

Blackfoot Telecommunications will be checking all cable lines to make sure the highest quality of copper and fiber wires are travelling to every home and business in the Upper Valley.

"We're not anticipating any rate increases. It will be seamless for the customers. No transfer that's necessary. no change of telephone numbers," said Squires.

And no loss of jobs.

"The same people that they're used to seeing out there working on their system will be here the day after the sale closes," said Squires.

Squires said the company will be opening a new service center in St. Anthony -- meaning more jobs for the area -- and the company will explore expanding into Idaho Falls in the future. 

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