Great Neighbors: Music Man

Great Neighbors: Music Man

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - There are so many things local people do for the community. One is volunteering for summer musicals to entertain their neighbors.

The Sounds Choir started way back in 1977 and made summer broadway musicals part of their program. For more than 30 years the community has been enjoying their shows and some of the performers and directors have been around for that long.

This is the fifth time Terry Hale has been in "The Music Man." The other times he played the leading role of Harold Hill.

"I didn't really try out for that part this year. I still like to sing and dance and act, but I can't jump up on tables and jump around like I used to," Hale said. "I like to entertain and to please people, but most of all I really like the new friends that I make."

Terry's daughter, Tami Nielsen, has joined her father in musical productions. This year she plays the leading role of Marion, the librarian.

"The community wants to be entertained," Nielsen said. "The community wants to forget what's going on in their regular lives for a few hours, and I think that they enjoy that we're willing to come and let them forget for a little while. I love this group. I love the people in it and some of them I've been with since I've been eight years old."

The tradition continues with Autym Nielsen, the third generation of talent taking part in this summer tradition.

"I mostly like being on stage singing and acting. It's just kind of getting away from regular life," Autym said.

Other great neighbors include the directors, Gaylene Messervey and Dixie Johnson who've been there the whole time. This year there are 127 people in the cast. The show continues Monday and Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the Idaho Falls Civic Auditorium.

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