Local WWII veteran recalls storming Normandy Beach

Local WWII veteran remebers storming Normandy Beach

As many Americans fire up the grill, head to the freedom parades and wave the American flag this Fourth of July Weekend, many may want to salute the servicemen and women who have made many sacrifices for American independence.

Blackfoot prepares for Fourth of July

Blackfoot prepares for Fourth of July

City of Blackfoot prepares for the Fourth of July, but one firework stand is working for a good cause. 

Anglers enjoy ideal conditions early in Jackson Hole

Gone fishin'

Streams and rivers in Jackson Hole have steadily declined and fishing guides report ideal conditions for anglers.

Labor officials: Idaho's population gets more diverse

Population graphic

Idaho labor officials say Idaho's population of ethnic minorities and people of color is on the rise.

LDS apostle Packer dies after 45 years as apostle

Boyd K. Packer

Boyd K. Packer, president of the LDS church's Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, died Friday afternoon.

Fire burns shop storing ammunition

Fire burns garage

A fire engulfed a garage filled with ammunition in Jefferson County on Friday around 1:30 p.m.

Power back on for 2,000 customers in Bonneville County

Power Outage

Lights are back on for about 2,000 power customers who were without electricity in the Ammon and Idaho Falls area for about two hours Friday.

Jackson mayor says she's pushing anti-discrimination measure

Sara Flitner

The mayor of Jackson says she's pushing an ordinance to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expects to have a public hearing on it in coming weeks.

Mormon missionaries in hot climates can ditch the suit coat

Missionaries on bikes

The Mormon church is relaxing its dress code standards for male missionaries sent to serve in hot climates around the world.

Swimmer's itch at Jensen Grove: learn how to prevent it

Kids get swimmer s itch at Jensen Grove

Two kids came home from Jensen's Grove on Tuesday with swimmer's itch. 

Police: 6 children abandoned at Old Town Pavillion

Police 6 children abandoned at Old Town Pavillion

Six children, including an infant, were found abandoned at the Old Town Pavillion just after 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Pocatello Police said.

Pocatello police have zero tolerance for illegal fireworks

Pocatello police have zero tolerance for illegal fireworks

Fire concerns have police cracking down harder this Fourth of July.

Burley man released on probation after permanently harming infant

Court gavel

A southern Idaho man who was convicted of permanently injuring a baby boy has been released on probation after serving less than a year in prison.

Blown tire leads to collision on I-15

Blown tire leads to I-15 crash

Four people were hospitalized in an accident on Interstate 15 near the Pocatello Creek Road Exit on Thursday.

Yellowstone bison gore woman, injure teen in latest run-ins

bison logo

Bison gored a woman and tossed a teenager into the air in Yellowstone National Park, the latest run-ins with the massive animals during tourist season in the popular landmark.

Animal shelter burglarized

Animal shelter burglarized

The Idaho Falls Animal Shelter was burglarized this week.

Gas line breaks in Fremont County crash

Fremont County crash

Two people were hospitalized in a crash in Fremont County that broke a gas line.

Mormon church donates to LGBT center

lds logo

The Utah-based Mormon church has given its first-ever charitable donation to an LGBT community center in Salt Lake City.

Veteran honors his employer as “patriotic”

Veteran honors his employer as patriotic

A national insurance firm is being honored as a “patriotic employer” for its treatment of one of its Chubbuck employees.

Underpass gallery hopes to end vandalism

Underpass gallery hopes to end vandalism

When you walk through the Center Street Underpass pedestrian walkways, you'll see something new on the walls.

Pocatello holds 23rd 'Biggest Show'


The "Biggest Show in Idaho" is expected to draw another big crowd this year.

Idaho Falls gears up for 4th of July celebrations

Idaho Falls gears up for celebration

The city began setting up fireworks on Wednesday for the big event on the 4th. 

Idaho students score high on standardized tests

books education school logo

Idaho students scored higher taking new standardized tests compared to the national benchmarks used to measure English language arts and math proficiency.

Fireworks banned in Bannock County, parts of Pocatello

fire logo plain

Lighting off fireworks is banned in unincorporated areas of Bannock County and parts of Pocatello. 

New Idaho laws take effect Wednesday

New Idaho laws take effect Wednesday

With a host of new laws set to take effect Wednesday, Local News 8 is taking a look at a few major ones.


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