Heated run for Bonneville County Sheriff

Bonneville Sheriff Race

BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho -    There are many issues to address in the upcoming sheriff's race, as the Bonneville County Sheriff deals with budgeting money, illegal immigration, communication with other agencies, and preventing controlled substances from entering the county.

"Bonneville County is a great place, a beautiful area," said current Bonneville County Sheriff Paul Wilde.
"It's a great place to raise a family," said write-in candidate Chad Christensen.

The same love for one county -- all the more reason to run for sheriff. Current Sheriff Paul Wilde and write-in candidate Christensen are running head to head to win your vote this upcoming Tuesday.

But what are the issues that the Bonneville County Sheriff deals with while serving their four year term? How about the Bonneville County Jail?

"I call the jail the Sheraton Inn. They get desserts every meal, cable tv. A jail is a deterrent not a place to go and relax," said Christensen.

"You have to provide certain calories intake. We have to provide an outside source. There's a lot of legal aspects that you better know what you're doing or you're going to get sued," said Sheriff Wilde.

As for illegal immigration: "If it needs to be taken care of it, we handle it, we address those issues. but if they're here legally then this is a free country," said Sheriff Wilde. "The biggest issue is that they come into this country, unchecked and problems with crime and gangs and so-forth is a problem in this area. I'd arrest them," said Christensen.

As for confiscating drugs in the community: "I believe it's too small of a unit. So I would beef up that unit, " said Christensen. "We engaged in city and county law enforcement with the state with federal agencies. Those are the things you have to do to progressively go after the drugs, " said Sheriff Wilde.

"We want to make sure our guys are the best trained, the best equipped, doing the best job for a great community," said Sheriff Wilde.

"I understand their behaviors and so forth so I think that's the key to helping the Sheriff's Office," said Christensen.

Voters will make the decision next Tuesday.  

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