Holiday Weekend brings big numbers to Pebble Creek

Scout Day at Pebble Creek


While some people celebrated President's Day staying warm, many others found it to be the perfect opportunity to hit the slopes.

Kids across the region ditched the school books and traded them in for ski boots as they celebrated their day of freedom. Many of those kids happened to be spending the day not just having fun in the snow, but earning an important merit badge as well.

Pebble Creek Ski Resort managers estimated more than 40 boy and girl scouts from across the Grand Teton Council were participating in Scout Day this year. Scout leaders say this is not only a chance for them to have a good time, but for many of them to learn some important skills as well.

"They have the opportunity to earn a ski and snow sport merit badge," Blackfoot troop committee chairman Rex Moffat said. "If they are first time skiers they have the opportunity to be taught how to ski. Then they are turned loose on the slopes to have fun."

Pebble Creek general manager Mary Reichman said they have been hosting Scout Day for more than two decades, and this three-day weekend is the perfect opportunity for these kids to get a spare moment to earn this particular merit badge.

"Since the kids are out of school our big school programs are not in session on those days either," Reichman said. "So, it gives us the extra instructors and the extra time to focus on the scouts."

Maestin Tubbs, 11, is just one out of the many boy scouts who is excited to earn his badge today. He said he has been snowboarding for about one month now, and knows the challenge of learning new skills.

"I'm out here earning a snow sports merit badge," Tubbs said. "When I finally get it, I'm going to show my mom and say, 'hey guess what? I got a merit badge!' and she'll sew it onto my shirt."

Reichman said President's Day weekend is always good for the resort, as it draws-out some of the season's largest attendance.

"Holidays are always great up here. We're enjoying having the extra people up enjoying the slopes and having fun. Beautiful blue sky day and lots of snow. It has been awesome," Reichman said.

However, she said the busiest days always come after a big snow storm hits – and quite understandably.

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