Annual Salvation Army Thanksgiving dinner

Salvation Army annual Thanksgiving dinner

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - For over 30 years the Salvation Army has hosted a Thanksgiving dinner. It's for people who may not be able to afford it or those who don't want to spend the holiday alone.

This annual dinner wouldn't be possible without the volunteers.

"It's just amazing how many people just come out that want to help us. Those that want to help us feed them, those that want to serve. They're putting their food aside, they're thanksgiving aside so they can give back to our community," says major Orpha Moody.

"Thanksgiving is a time of giving and serving. And it's awesome to be able to help people and we have so much and it's great to help others that may not have as much as we do," says Jenny Hollingshed, volunteer.

Ellen Jorgensen has been volunteering for 25 years.

"My husband and I started and I just kept on when he died. I enjoy serving the meals to the people who need them," says Ellen.

She's seen an increase in volunteers over the years.

"It makes very happy to see all of the volunteers. Especially the young children that come in. It's nothing like seeing this kids come in to take a tray over to a person and they've got a big smile on their face."

"I like to see their happy faces when we serve them the food," says Cambria Turbille, 9. 

"I like to give them the chance and if they don't have the money we can help them out and they can have a good thanksgiving," says Mason Turbille, 11.

They also delivered meals to those who were unable to make it out to Elks Lodge.

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