Housing Services provides home to family

Affordable home just one of many to be built in Pocatello

Affordable home just one of many to be built in Pocatello

POCATELLO, Idaho - A Pocatello family is getting a brand-new home thanks to Pocatello Neighborhood Housing Services (PNHS).

But what did it take for the family get this home? It was actually really easy.

All they had to do was want to improve their living situation. Then they contacted PNHS, and they work with them to make sure their dream home can become an affordable reality.

Which is exactly what happened with Lance and Jessica Parry. They weren't even sure they liked the idea of the "American Dream."

"A house was a sinkhole," said Jessica Parry at the open house on Thursday afternoon. "It required more maintenance and more upkeep than we could afford with our income level."

But according to PNHS executive director Mark Dahlquist, they and so many others have a variety of options.

"We can build the new housing where needed," Dahlquist said, "Yet we also have the home rehabilitation program to fix up our existing stock."

The Parry's home is very similar to the home just finished, which hosted an open house and check presentation from Well's Fargo for $15,000 Thursday.

PNHS can actually stretch their dollars, allowing this monetary gift to go farther. They even provide opportunities for the neighbors to spruce up their homes as well.

The Parry's say they were glad to put their monthly payments toward home ownership rather than rent, and the people around them are an additional perk.

"We're now part of a bigger community rather than just one piece of the apartment community," said Jessica.

The Parry family says PNHS helped their situation improve by lowering the amount they were paying per month, and helping them work toward ownership of their property.

This is something Dahlquist says is a win on both sides.

"There's just nothing more rewarding or satisfying in a job than to hear or see the stories like that," he said.

PNHS isn't even close to being done this summer. They plan on breaking ground on five more houses that are similar to the twin home located at 141 Roosevelt Ave.

Pocatello Neighborhood Housing is also celebrating its 20th anniversary by building a pavilion in Centennial Park, on the corner of Lewis Street and 7th Street.

The goal is about $90,000 and Dahlquist said they're just a little over halfway there.

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