How to navigate Idaho's insurance exchange

Health Insurance Exchange

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Idaho's Health Insurance Exchange will open Oct. 1 to the public to shop for policies.

There will be 146 policies to choose from, and many people are confused about which to choose.

Teresa Baird is unsure how to get started. She has pre-existing conditions: asthma and atrial fibrillation.

"Insurance companies hear 'heart problem' and they're like, 'Sorry,'" said Baird.

Baird admitted she is lost as she scrolls the website, but said come Oct. 1 she'll be looking for basic coverage.

"Doctors visits, prescriptions, emergency visits," said Baird.

Josh Tolman, chief administrative officer at Mountain View Hospital, said people like Baird will be able to find coverage based on income level, benefit type and family size. Tolman added the new plans will be affordable.

"The payments could be as little as 40 bucks a month for premiums with no deductibles and limited co-pays," said Tolman.

For Baird, who is worried her conditions will pose challenges to finding new policies, Tolman said there will be options for her.

"Pre-existing conditions can't be used to determine eligibility, and so those people will be in a really good spot, a much more favorable spot when it comes to selecting health insurance," said Tolman.

There is also a scam going around trying to get you to sign up for an "Obamacare" insurance card. The Idaho Department of Insurance said that is a big red flag.

The public will not be required to get new cards for the new health insurance policies.

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