Idaho Falls Council Rejects Bar Smoking Ban, Addresses Outdated Laws

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The Idaho Falls City Council swept away the proposed Smoke Free Air Ordinance on Thursday. It would have banned smoking in all of the city's bars.

On a 4-2 vote the council decided to leave those decisions up to bar owners. The ordinance will not be considered any further.

Also at the meeting, council members also erased two town ordinances dating back a century or longer. One required dance halls to register their activities with the city. Another required hotels and motels to keep a register. Idaho Falls Police Detective Ken Brown says neither requirement is necessary today.

The City Council also adjusted another ordinance licensing pawn brokers. Part of that law requires second-hand dealers to get a city license. While the old law outlined the process for either getting or revoking a license, it did not establish provisions that would allow the city to deny a license in the first place. As a result, to reject a license request, the city technically would have to issue one, then take separate action to revoke it.

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