Idaho Falls veterinarian talks winter safety for pets

Idaho Falls veterinarian talks winter safety for pets

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The bone-chilling weather and huge piles of snow aren't just a nightmare for you, but for your pets too.

The cold temperatures can freeze their water bowls even if they're left in the garage.

Ice melt on the sidewalks and driveways can irritate and sometimes burn your pet's paws, but proper grooming and sanitary care can prevent that.

Also, watch out for anti-freeze, as it's poisonous to your furry friends.

"It's kind of sweet tasting to them, they might decide to chew on a bottle so be cautious with anti-freeze and vehicles leaking anti-freeze because it does kill them very quickly," said Dr. Brad Francis with Countryside Veterinary Hospital.  

Francis said if you keep an extra eye out for your pet during the winter, they'll be fine.

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