Idaho ranks as top 10 most inventive

Idaho ranks as top 10 most inventive

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The state of Idaho is getting some prestigious recognition from a new report.  

CNN Money has released a ranking of the most inventive states and, according to the State Entrepreneur Index, Idaho has landed in the top 10.

Last year there were enough patents in Idaho to average out to 2.77 per 1,000 people.
Steven Sedlmayr has been coming up with new inventions for 45 years.

"I studied physics, chemistry and a lot of different engineering courses," said Sedlmayr.

Over the last few decades, Sedlmayr has been on the forefront of several major projects.

"I've done things from the Viking Mars lander that landed on Mars, to flat screen TVs, to toys for children," said Sadlmayr.

Sedlymayr brought part of his latest project, a cutting-edge water filtration system, to the Local News 8 studio.

He said the reason for Idaho's innovation standing comes from big producers like the Idaho National Lab.

"They patent a lot of what they do. Simplot is here and Melaleuca," said Sadlmayr.
One of the biggest names at the lab right now is Gus Caffrey. He's on the forefront of military technology.
A few years back, Caffrey developed a way to detect chemical substances in a container without ever opening it.

"The instrument allows you in effect to see through steel, which is really cool," said Caffrey.

Steve McMaster helps share the INL's work with the world.

He said more than a 100 inventions come out of the lab every year.
"You need a lot of things to have an ecosystem that supports innovation and the INL is part of that ecosystem," said McMaster.

Caffrey just received the INL's Individual Lifetime Achievement Award.
His chemical warfare device is being used by several other nations, including Canada and Britain.

Vermont is the No. 1 most inventive state, according to the study.

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