Soda Springs community says aftershocks are becoming annoying

Soda Springs community reacts to...

(SODA SPRINGS, Idaho) KIFI/KIDK - On Tuesday and Wednesday, more aftershocks rattled parts of Southeastern Idaho, including Soda Springs. This comes after a 5.3 earthquake happened outside of Soda Springs late last week. Reporter Erin O'Shaughnessy talked to some community members in Soda Springs to see what they have thought of all of the earthquake activity.

"Yea it has been pretty crazy. We are pretty done with it. We are always 'okay is there going to be a really big one or is just going to keep being these little ones' that wake up everybody in the middle of the night," said Sierra Peace, who lives in Soda Springs. 

The quakes have kept babies from sleeping, knocked picture frames off of walls and even made it a little hard for some to focus at church.

"Everything was fine and then all of the sudden the pews started jumping up and down and everybody was thinking this is going to last for very long? The person who was preaching did an excellent job. She stood there and soldiered on. But nobody was paying attention," chuckled Mazie Porter, another Soda Springs resident.

People are not the only Soda Springs residents who have experienced the quakes. One veterinarian said some animals are extra sensitive to the quakes.

"Animals are much more attuned to a lot of these things than we are. We have noticed in our own house that the cats will jump off the bed and become a lot more anxious and concerned with what is going on prior to a tremor actually developing," said J.V. Bollar, a veterinarian at the Soda Springs Animal Clinic. 

Not all animals have been stressed out during the quakes. Porter said her dog Sadie does not seem to mind as long as they are together.

"Sadie only gets freaked out if she is separated from me, she thinks she is going to take care of me and that I will take care of her," said Porter. 


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