IF Council Chambers too small for anti-discrimination ordinance hearing

Anti-Discrimination Ordinance meeting draws crowd

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Early Thursday evening, some people began rallying to support passing the anti-discrimination ordinance that will be discussed at the Idaho Falls City Council meeting Thursday night.

The ordinance has three branches, including protection for the LBGT community in jobs, housing, and public accommodations. The first two will likely go to vote, but the latter has caused more controversy.

The Council Chambers currently fits around 100 people. That's far fewer seats than the number of people expected to share their opinions at the public hearing.

At a work session, the Council debated time limits and stopping comments too similar to previous ones. The only popular choice was limiting each speaker to three minutes. That policy could be changed by the actual meeting.

Council member Sharon Parry said she thought the meeting should have been moved to the much larger Civic Auditorium.

"In my estimation, it's getting to do the public's business in public, and have as many people there as who would have liked to show up, and see their city leaders at work discussing things," she said.

City rules do limit things like turning away those who are not residents of Idaho Falls, or requiring people to leave after speaking in order to open up more seating. Some people planning to speak mentioned they plan to rotate voluntarily.

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