IF hires new city attorney, creates separate legal division

IF hires new city attorney, creates separate legal division

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Former Idaho Falls city attorney, Dale Storer, stepped down last fall after 30 years -- which led many to believe his resignation was due to billing irregularities.

Investigators later determined the city was actually "under-billed" and Storer did not face charges.

In the wake of Storer's tenure, the city welcomed a new attorney -- Randy Fife of Moscow.

The office of the Idaho Falls city attorney has been through some trying times in the last year; but Fife said he wants the office to be in the spotlight for its good work.

"I'm not worried about what may have happened or not before I got here," said Fife. "I can only start from today and work forward."

Fife is an Idaho Falls native and his most recent work was for the City of Moscow. There, he served as the city attorney for almost 17 years.

Both cities are different -- Idaho Falls has its own airport and power company, things Moscow doesn't.

"I'm learning how to work with the division heads and to work more closely with the mayor because the structure here is different than Moscow," said Fife. "Here, there's a strong mayor who's full-time and there they had a city supervisor and a part-time mayor who was there less of the time."

Fife was also given his own city attorney division and an assistant city attorney, to help with legal services.

"I think as long as I'm transparent and do the things I'm supposed to, make sure I listen to what the people want through the mayor and the council, I'll be fine," said Fife.

At the moment, the city council is debating whether to move prosecution services from the county to the city.

If they decide to do that, the city would handle misdemeanors.

They'll make a decision on that in the coming months.

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