Intermountain Gas rates cut again

BOISE, Idaho - Customers of Intermountain Gas Company will see a 7.1 percent cut in their monthly natural gas bill effective October 1st.  The Idaho Public Utilities Commission approved the company's sixth consecutive decrease in rates to reflect a decline in the cost of gas the company buys for its customers and increased gas supply.

The yearly Purchased Gas Cost Adjustment projects gas prices for the next 12 months and either surcharges or credits customers the difference between the projection with the actual cost.

According to the IPUC, In addition to the $6 million price reduction as result of lower gas prices, a one-time credit totaling $11.9 million will be included on customers' December bill.  For residential customers who use natural gas for both space and water heating the one-time credit will be about $29.85.  Residential customers who use natural gas for space heating only will receive a credit of about $19.40.  The average December credit for commercial customers is about $129.80.

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