ISP seizes $60K in traffic stop

ISP Seizes Cash

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The Idaho State Police seized tens of thousands of dollars during a traffic stop Sunday morning.

Troopers pulled over a minivan for speeding along U.S. Highway 20 near Idaho Falls.

After talking with the driver, officers had probable cause to search the van under suspicion that drugs were inside.

A Bonneville County K-9 unit helped with the search.

No drugs were found, but police did find $60,000.

The trooper who initiated the traffic stop said the people inside the van denied knowing the cash was there, saying the money wasn't theirs.

"If the motoring public can't justify large sums of cash like that on the front end, then law enforcement has every right to seize that cash and give them the ability to justify it later," said Lt. Chris Weadick.

No charges were filed.

Two people in the van waived their claim of ownership, but the third person later said the money was hers.  She will have a chance to get the money back in court.

If that individual can't legitimately justify where the money came from, the cash will go toward an ISP drug-prevention fund.

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