Jeremy White Pleads Guilty in Christine Caldwell Murder

Jeremy White Pleads Guilty in Christine Caldwell Murder
IDAHO FALLS (KIFI/KIDK) - The man who was accused of killing his girlfriend after she found out he was having an affair with another woman is pleading guilty.
Jeremy White changed his plea to guilty in the second degree murder of Christin Caldwell in a Bonneville County courtroom late Thursday.
Both sides were in deliberation since early Thursday morning and wanted to finish with a late afternoon hearing.
As part of the agreement, White must give a full disclosure interview with Bonneville County detectives about his involvement in the case.
The agreement terms say the sentencing will be 45 years, with 15 years fixed in prison and thirty years indeterminate. 
His sentencing will be on September 20th at 10 a.m.  White will also have to pay restitution, the amount to be set at his formal sentencing.
In December 2016, court documents obtained by KIFI/KIDK outline a love affair turned deadly in the death of Christin Caldwell.
The body of Caldwell was discovered in her home on November 10th after she failed to have contact with her family for several days. The Bonneville County Sheriff's Office said in probable cause recordings that Caldwell last had contact with anyone on the evening of November 7th when she had a video-call with one of her daughters. Police were called to the home Caldwell shared with her long-time partner Jeremy White, after no one heard from her for several days.
In the probable cause recordings, Deputies say White strangled his partner after learning he was having an affair with another woman, Deena Aday. Investigators learned of the affair through text messages sent by White to friends.
According to the recordings, Caldwell's body was found in an 8'x10' shallow grave in the basement of her home during a search. During the recording, a deputy is heard telling a judge that Caldwell was wrapped in a white cloth, and placed in a "makeshift coffin" made of boards, cardboard and particle board.
During the recording, we also learned White and Caldwell had cameras inside the home. The video shows Caldwell and White talking to each other in the kitchen area Nov. 7, according to the deputy in the recording. White was said to be holding a rifle. The rifle was placed on the ground before Caldwell and White started talking. The deputy in the probable cause recording said it did not appear the two were fighting.  The two left the kitchen and the video ends. The next available video showed the camera pointing at the ceiling of the home.
Aday and White were coworkers at a local business. In a text message White sent to a friend, White is said to have told the friend Caldwell knew of the affair and had "gone crazy and it was bloody murder". The deputy went onto say the text message read Caldwell had gotten over the affair and he had done what he needed to "create a new life" with Aday.
White and Aday left Idaho and avoided capture for 16 days. Investigators say the trail of avoidance was long and well thought out. During the recording, the deputy is heard telling the judge that White and Aday met at a gas station near the home before returning to the crime scene.
"They left together, and, on that Wednesday. They did withdraw money from Mrs. Caldwell's account up here before they left," the deputy is heard saying. "They did go back to the house and she helped him, Mr. White pack."
White and Aday spent several nights camping in areas of Idaho and Nevada. The deputy said the two changed the license plates on the car, owned by the victim, to avoid detection.

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