Joel Carter

Distinguished Student

Joel Carter

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Parents are always telling their children to do their homework. Following that advice has paid off for this week's United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award winner. Bonneville High School senior Joel Carter has perfect grades and contributes in athletics as well.

If you walk by the Bonneville High School weight room just about any day after school you'll see Joel Carter there working out.

"Lifting weights makes you feel good," Joel says. "It lets you relieve stress from the school day. You can be with your friends. It makes you feel good."

Joel has represented his school well on athletic teams in baseball and basketball. He's loved sports since he was a little boy. With his 4.0 GPA Joel is a credit to his school and family.

"My parents expected it and I kind of expected it myself and grades are the only way to get into school so that's what I had to do," Joel says.

Joel says it isn't that hard to get perfect grades if you have the discipline to do one simple thing.

"You just got to go home and do homework and the grades come - if you do your homework, the teachers like you and A's come," Joel says.

Joel has been accepted to Southern Utah University where he'll study nursing and then wants to go on to med school and become a cardiologist.

"I love the heart - I like to see what makes us tick," Joel says. "Without the heart we can't do anything. I want to help people live a healthy life."

Joel looks back fondly on his high school years. I asked him what his favorite part about high school was.

"Probably the teachers - I really like the teachers, Joel says. "You learn to love the teachers and they love you so they make the experience really fun."

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