Blaine County District Court Judge Robert Elgee has issued a written decision in the case of Cable News Network, Inc. vs. Blaine County.

In his decision Judge Elgee says the Blaine County Sheriff's Office was justified in refusing to disclose any portion of a police record associated with Bowe Bergdahl under a public records request from CNN. The judge said releasing any part of this particular inactive investigatory record would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy and was therefore exempt under Idaho Code.

In June CNN filed a public records request for all Blaine County records pertaining to Robert Bergdahl, Jani Bergdahl and their children, Bowe Bergdahl and Sky Bergdahl, from 1986 to present. The Sheriff's Office provided three records but denied the release of one particular 15-year-old report.

CNN appealed the refusal to the District Court in an order to show cause hearing held July 21. During the hearing the County stated, "it could not argue any factual details in support of their position because such an argument would effectively disclose the content of the public record and therefore an 'in camera' review of the record by Judge Elgee was required."

Blaine County Sheriff Gene Ramsey applauded the decision, saying, " We are extremely pleased that the judge has made the legal decision to uphold the privacy protection awarded to Blaine County citizens."