Just a Thought August

"Just a Thought"


Russ Rubert August 2013


       Summer is leaving, but not before the crops and gardens are harvested and either stored, consumed or sent to market.  As far as any "tips" are concerned, all I can say is "enjoy the harvest and the rest of school vacation.  The markets for our crops are fairly stable; yields and quality are looking good. And hopefully the weather will hold as we move into fall.  We do need to watch our nutrient levels and let the natural maturity process take place with our gardens and crops. Next month we will talk about helping our laws, garden spots, and cropland prepare nutritionally for winter. As for now, drink lots of fresh lemonade before you have to dig it out of a frozen can.  Hug the kids for an extra minute before you coax them on to the bus.  And last but not least don't worry about kicking the dog; hopefully he is still under the porch!

Remember; walk slow, drink a lot of cold water, and if it doesn't smell good don't eat it!

GOOD GROWING for August!

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