Karlie Smedley: Distinguished Student

Karlie Smedley: Distinguished Student

POCATELLO, Idaho - United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Karlie Smedley excels both vocally and on the violin.

"I love being a soloist with my violin - fiddling especially is something I love to do." Karlie says. "Being able to be creative and coming up with something on the spot is something I really enjoy. Being in orchestra is a totally different experience than being a soloist. You feel this union with all of you together."

Karlie is involved in lots of musical groups - Trouveres Show Choir, school orchestra, youth symphony, and she is a teacher for a kids show choir. She's also the lead vocalist for her family's rock band and she's played the lead in several musicals.

"I love being able to show myself on stage - bringing out the spirit of that character," Karlie says. "I get the butterflies before I go on stage and then once I'm on and I'm performing, I'm in my zone and it's all good."

Besides being talented, with a 3.8 GPA Karlie is smart too. She plans to go to BYU and major in Early Childhood Learning and music. As a senior reflecting back on her high school years, Karlie says she has learned some important lessons.

"Work really super hard and go take those hard classes - the AP and the honors classes - those will take you where you need to go, and don't slack off," Karlie says.

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